From large walk in wardrobes to built in wardrobes,
you need to plan!

The Wardrobes design is crucial for good accessible storage of clothes, shoes and sundries.

Wardrobes are a place to store clothes, shoes, handbags and so much more. Good planning of the wardrobe space can make all of the difference.

Hardware can improve a wardrobes use of space.

There are many hardware items available for wardrobes to help with the storage of specific items such as trousers, ties, belts and shoes. Pull down hanging rails can be used to create accessible double hanging spaces.

A bit of colour can transform your wardrobes from drab to fab.

You don’t have to use whiteboard! It is especially nice to have your walk in robe feel opulent. By using a coloured board your robe will look so much nicer than a robe in white. A designer with good product knowledge will know which materials to use to get a great effect without needing to blow your budget.

Consider what you need to store.

Drawers are very useful in a walk-in and built in robes. They can be used to store a variety of items. Open shelving is also very versatile and should be included if their is adequate space in the room. Double hanging spaces are vital and a small amount of single hanging should be considered. If you have a lot of shoes or handbags a dedicated storage area could be included for them.

If the room is big enough an island can work well, or a padded seat. This gives the opportunity to consider the storage of jewellery and watches in custom designed drawers. You may like to have specially designed drawers to store ties or underwear.

Children’s wardrobes.

Children grow and so do their clothes! When they are young there can be a lot of wasted hanging space. Adjustable hanging racks can increase the useable storage.

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