Design Service.

How can Pauline Ribbans Design Help you?

I create individually designed kitchens, laundries, vanities and cabinetry for the modern home. Drawing on my extensive knowledge of ergonomics and space planning I design kitchens for the modern home. The kitchen has become the room in which we spend the most amount of time, it’s the one space in the house that needs to be designed, not just decorated. I use ergonomics to optimise the flow in the kitchen and plan dedicated work zones to create order and thus help my clients make the most of their beautiful custom, one-off kitchens, laundries, vanities and cabinetry.

Servicing Ballarat, Daylesford and surrounding areas and anyone anywhere online.

What is the Design Process?


Initially, I am keen to have a chat to you about your project, discussing your needs and expectations. Upon establishing that my design services would be of benefit to you, we can make a time for the first design consultation.

This can take many forms depending on your project and where you are located. For instance, someone local to me in Ballarat or Daylesford, that is renovating may be keen to meet at their home and discuss the project onsite. Whilst someone who is building could simply email me the plans and then we can arrange a phone meeting.

After we have established the parameters of the joinery project and have the required measurements. I can begin the concept design stage for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or other cabinetry.

I am able to send 3D images and comprehensive plans via email, or meet in person with local clients from Ballarat or Daylesford. It is at this meeting that we will determine the preferred design for your cabinetry.

Click here to open the 360 panoramic view.

This is where people often tell me I have really surprised them with ideas that they never considered. We will also look at finalising finishes and hardware options so we can move towards the final design.

Ballarat kitchen design concept
3D images of new kitchen

I will then provide you with fully dimensioned and specified plans and elevations. These will be in PDF format. Beautiful and life like renderings are also provided. These allow you to see how your new kitchen, bathroom, laundry or other cabinetry will look and to show your friends and family.

You will then be armed with plans that will enable you to get comparable quotes from your local joiners and kitchen manufacturers. By giving them all detailed plans and specifications, you will find getting quotes very easy. This will save you time and money. You will be assured of getting a great design at a great price.

I am happy to help you compare your quotes to make an informed decision.

Why do you need a Qualified Designer?

I am surprised by the lack of thought that goes into kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other joinery and cabinetry in the home. Getting a design that works for you can be achieved by employing the services of a kitchen design specialist.

When you visit a kitchen manufacturer you often deal with an unqualified salesperson who only sees you as a commission and sales target number for the month. Or, you may visit a joiner who’s been in the trade for years and still designs everything the same way they did when they started in the industry.

A design specialist, such as myself, will listen to your specific needs and tailor the design, providing unique modern solutions. By understanding your needs, I will recommend finishes and hardware that will achieve the look and function you are after all within your budget.

Interior designers can achieve a great look but usually fail when it comes to the budget and functionality. Architects can excel with aesthetics but I often see thoughtless design principles applied to joinery, as this is not their area of speciality. Architects also tend to specify unnecessarily expensive materials.

By employing the services of a qualified designer for your joinery and cabinetry you are guaranteed a great result, customised to suit your individual needs and budget.

Well designed joinery will not only delight you for many years to come it can also add value to your home.

Contact me today to discuss your project.


"Pauline assisted us to design our new kitchen. We found Pauline to very skilled and knowledgeable and she was able to take our rough sketched and ideas and turn them into a set of beautiful, functional plans. Pauline was great at listening to what we wanted, which was important to us. But what was really helpful, was that she also suggested design features we hadn't thought of. Her ideas on placement and layout were excellent- something I only really appreciated after our beautiful kitchen was completed and we were using it."

- Deb Greenslade

"Pauline has come up with an amazing renovation/design for a restricted space that has confounded others. A highly professional person, who has given us design options as well as good advice. We are now proceeding and looking forward to a new kitchen."

 - Lorraine

"Pauline was easy to talk to and accommodated our wishes whenever it was possible.
Overall, we were very happy with the service provided by Pauline."

- Andrew

"We had quite definite ideas of the style of kitchen we wanted when we approached Pauline. The process we went through to make sure we achieved the feel and look we wanted, combined with the practicalities for work flow, of our fabulous kitchen was meticulous. We absolutely love our kitchen!"

- C Reid

"Pauline has a remarkable gift for being able to visualise a space and work with it
- in our case without even actually seeing the room as it hadn't yet been built!"

- Emily Astburyhead

We had been wanting to renovate our kitchen for some time but couldn't come up with a suitable design. Pauline listened to what we were after and had many great suggestions to make our kitchen an attractive, practical and functional workspace. I would recommend Pauline to anyone who is considering renovating or designing a kitchen.

- Cheryl

"A huge Thank You to Pauline Ribbans for guiding us through our first foray into renovating! We sent Pauline a photo of the type of bathroom we liked, which she then skilfully adapted to suit our space and style. We have ended up with an abundance of storage and the layout functions extremely well for our family."

- B.Smith

"We moved on to the kitchen, which I thought would be quite a design challenge given our list of non-negotiable inclusions to be fitted into the existing space. Pauline presented us with 3 excellent options that had everything we asked for, plus extras. The design we chose considered space, making working in the kitchen so much more efficient."


"We are currently waiting for some built-in shelving units to be completed for our lounge. This project seemed to be so easy now that we have been through the design process a couple of times with Pauline. She quickly determined the look and design of the units to suit the room and sent through a design that we agreed was right, first time.

We will soon be putting Pauline through her paces again when we do a re-build of our laundry and new powder room.

Pauline's understanding of our needs has produced very functional, quality areas in our home that we love living with every single day."

-B Smith

"Pauline came up with a cheap solution to a problem that I hadn't been able to work out in 6 months.
The end result turned a small kitchen into a great looking, extremely functional kitchen with larger floor space."

- Peter J Cowie

"For the price we paid the design was very thought out, functional and perfect for us.
I would highly recommend Pauline as she goes out of her way to make sure your every need is met."

- Tom Edmondson

Pauline assisted us with the design process for our kitchen re-design and study. From the beginning when she met us, she listened to our needs and wishes in both designs. Pauline was always really thorough with her drawings and outlines and took the time to go through the ins and outs of the plans.
Ultimately we are so happy with the finished projects -they are so functional and workable for our family. We love it and would highly recommend Paulines services.

  • Renee & Steve

Pauline came up with a brilliant design for our new kitchen, pantry and laundry. We would never have thought to lay it out that way. The sense of space and light she was able to create was just amazing considering the awkward space we had to work with.


Pauline had great advice on materials, colours and fittings.


Our study design ia also amazing. The layout makes the best of the views and the natural light. It was a bit of a challenge to design a desk to within the bay windows, but it turned out beautifully.

I would not design a space without her!