Vanities for Bathrooms and Ensuites come in many forms

Vanities for the bathroom and ensuite need to be designed to function well and be aesthetically pleasing.  They can take many forms.

Wall Hung.

Vanities that are wall hung have been very popular but they do sacrifice a lot of storage. They also need special consideration with plumbing and wall bracing for support.


Having vanities with just drawers with no handles is a very popular look. Consideration of plumbing is crucial to the design if the drawers are to work. There are a few different ways that the design can be configured to make this look work.

Vessel Bowls.

The vessel bowl that sits on top of the bench rather than being inset is often used for a modern vanity design. Again like the wall hung vanity storage space is sacrificed. Tap placement needs to be thought of in the early stages of design especially if they are to come out of the wall.

Shaving Cabinets with mirrored doors.

A great way to improve the storage in a bathroom or ensuite is to have shaving cabinets above the vanities. The mirrored doors pull open to reveal lots of shelving space.

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