5 Reasons you should hire a Kitchen Designer

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So you have bitten the bullet and decided it is time to update the kitchen! A big decision and one that you should take the time to get right. By using the services provided by a qualified kitchen designer, such as available from Pauline Ribbans Design, you will end up with a great looking and excellently functioning kitchen, specified to meet your budget. Here are just a few reasons why.

#1 Get a great design.

3D images of new kitchen

Plans, Elevations and 3D images provided by Pauline Ribbans Design

It is so important that your design fulfils as many of your needs as possible. A great design will do this. If you rely upon a joiner or salesperson to design your kitchen there is a chance that you will get the same floorplan that you have. They are likely not to put as much thought and time into your design, keeping it quick and easy for them to quote and manufacture.

I take the time to work with you to achieve the best layout we can. Investing in a new kitchen should be rewarding and fun. A kitchen can help sell your home or keep you happy in it for many years to come.


#2 Get comparable quotes.

It can be a nightmare trudging from one cabinet maker to the next and trying to get quotes for your new kitchen. Each joiner will have their preferred suppliers for doors, benches and hardware making it almost impossible to compare your quotes. They will all probably have slightly different ideas for layout to confuse things more.

I am able to fully specify your kitchen finishes and hardware so there is no room for confusion and will enable you to get comparable quotes.


#3 Understand the Jargon and get the best selections for you.

There are so many different types of drawer systems, hinges and hardware it can be confusing to know what you are actually getting. There are a plethora of materials available for doors and bench tops too. The names and types of which can put even the sanest persons head into a tail spin.

I will explain al of this to you and show you examples of the things that are selected for your design, taking the stress and confusion away.


#4 Get a design that meets your budget requirements.

We all have a budget, whether yours is modest or not it is important that it is considered when materials and hardware are selected.

I will always keep this in mind and achieve the best design layout possible within your budget. I will be able to guide you towards materials that will achieve the look you are after within your budget too. So much time can be saved by working to a realistic budget and will ultimately keep you on track to achieving your dream kitchen.


#5 Get help understanding your quotes and make an informed choice of Cabinet Maker.

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3D image of a kitchen design by Pauline Ribbans Design

When your quotes finally arrive it can be exciting and daunting. If you have not employed the services of a service such as Pauline Ribbans Design then you will be faced with quite a challenge deciphering just what you have been quoted for. Do you have softclose drawers and if so, are they good quality or just a cheap add on softclose components? How would you know? Do you have 20mm stone tops mitred to 40mm or a cheaper 7mm veneer of stone? There are so many pit falls awaiting the unsuspecting renovator. Have you seen detailed plans and 3D images of the design so you know it is what you are after?

Pauline Ribbans Design will have provided fully detailed and specified plans, elevations and 3D images. This means you know what you are getting and the cabinet maker knows what to quote. You will get comparable quotes. I can help you make an informed decision as to which cabinet maker will best suit your needs.